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Gershkoff Auto Body


American Legion

Baseball Program

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Read about the History of GersHkoff Baseball

And the Vital Role and impact that Gershkoff Auto Body

continues to have on our program.


For your generosity and for helping make this a TRULY AMAZING EVENT!

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Thank you for your generous donations and sponsorship towards our community program. We extend our heart-felt gratitude for your commitment to making our baseball program successful!


2024 Baseball season Forms

Each player must complete the following forms :

*** All final payments are nonrefundable ***

American Legion Code of Sportsmanship

I will:

  • Keep the Rules;
  • Keep Faith with my teammates;
  • Keep my temper;
  • Keep myself fit;
  • Keep a Stout heart in defeat;
  • Keep my pride under in victory;
  • Keep a sound soul, a clean mind, and a Healthy body

PURPOSE & SCOPE of American Legion baseball

  • To inculcate in youth a better understanding of the American way of life and to promote the principles of 100 percent Americanism.

  • To instill in the nation’s youth a sincere desire to develop within themselves a feeling of citizenship, sportsmanship, loyalty and team spirit.

  • To aid in the improvement and development of the physical fitness of our country’s youth.

  • To build for the nation’s future through our youth.
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